Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Rescue ANNA-versary To ME!!

Hi everybody! It's Furby!! Guess what? Today is my two year ANNA-versary with mama and sissy since I was rescued. For those of you here who want to suffer a major case of snottsenboogers and temporary eye leakage, you can read our stories at these links. and and Mama wrote the first two but I wrote the last one ALL by myself!!

If you just wanna know the story as I remember it now, then just sit down and read it already. Cause the sooner you get done reading the sooner you can mail me some catnip to celebrate!

A lot of people don't know how close I came to NOT being rescued. It all depended on whether mama went to the funeral of my earth daddy who sent me back to be with mama. After he died mama didn't know if she could stand to go to the funeral.

She had already told his family she might not be there because she spent the last month with him and was looking a little corpse-like herself. Mama doesn't have a problem with funeral homes and dead people. She has a problem with people who are really sad because it rubs off on her. I can tell you right now she has a LOT of visits from people who have crossed over and she doesn't get scared at all. She just asks they visit her at home or in the cemetery when nobody else is around. She's rather simple minded and can't listen to two people talk at once and there's nothing worse for her than trying to listen to a live person and a spirit at the same time. Teeheehee.

Anyway, mama decided about two hours before the funeral that she was going to go. Then right before the service started they called for a word of prayer and out the door she ran. It was really weird the way that happened because she really wanted to stay for the people to talk about daddy. If she had, she never would have found me.

She stopped for gas on the way home and then took a different way home than she normally does. I can still remember my earth daddy angel telling me when to cross the road in front of her car so she'd see me and come back to get me. He practically PUSHED me in front of her car. Didn't he ever see her DRIVE!! Whew, that was a close one. 

Since I was her favorite color and breed of kitten, she turned around and came back to look for me. The way she tells it she just wanted to see what stupid little fool would walk across the road like it had all day to get somewhere.

Stupid fool=little old me!! I can't believe it worked out! Mama saved me-again- since she saved me in my last lifetime too. Now I help save other cats and I teach them how to make really weird little faces. I also give them a bath if they're not REALLY stinky. If they are I let Mandy do it since she has a spastic tongue and seems to enjoy it.

I hope mama is going to throw me a party because it's a LOT of work trying out the different nap spots and posing for pictures to win prizes.  Um..the last prize I won didn't work out so well because my first wife Mia thought it was a make-up gift and won't get out of MY new cat bed. 

For my ANNA-versary present I want everybody to go and LIKE my Facebook page under Furby the Feral Feline. My little adopted daughter Midnight Whineybutt is going to beat me soon on who's famous. That's OK. I love her and I better be nice to her because I THINK she's gonna be bigger than me real soon.

I gotta go and take a catnip-I mean catnap-before the party.


P.S. It was NOT my idea to use that goofy looking picture of me again! Can't a cat get a LITTLE respect?