Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Team At Furby's Halfway House

Hi everybody! It's Furby! Today I want to tell you about the cats who help me to run my rescue at Furby's Halfway House. Each of them came off of death row from GCAC in Greenville, SC. I'm in charge here, but sometimes I need help. Why is my adopted cat mama Lola shaking her head at me? I'm in charge, um...right Lola?

Anyway.....first let me introduce MandyLane. We call her Mandy for short. Mandy is in charge of the welcoming committee. She's mama's first rescue. Mama picked her because she was so funny looking mama was afraid no one would pick her and the shelter would kill her. She goes up to each new arrival and makes them feel right at home. Usually by giving them a tongue bath and then falling asleep on top of them. Way to go, Mandy. Your hard work at bathing and napping are greatly appreciated. And you've grown into a beautiful, neck sucking, cheek licking lovable bundle of trouble. She's a permanent member of the house.

Next there's Garfield the Grateful. He's a golden boy who was headed to the execution room when mama scooped him up and threw him in a carrier with 6 other kittens and brought him home. He was twice the size of the others and looked so funny in the carrier with them. He quickly showed his gratitude by helping the young kittens adjust to life in the outside world. He still jumps up in mama or sissy's lap and gives them lovey dovey eyes like he can't believe he's out of that cage. Poor guy had even rubbed his nose raw. Did I mention he'd been shot. We don't know that for sure. The scab on him sure looked like a bullet grazed him. Talk about a streak of bad luck! I think he's more accident prone than me and that's sayin' something.  Midnight Whineybutt was deeply upset with the loss of the Whineybutts. Garfield is working with him on that, being the only surviving Whineybutt who didn't die of feline distemper. You are a vital part of the team Garfield, and have a permanent place at Furbys House unless you decide to move on.

The newest member of my team Furby is Midnight Munchkin Whineybutt, the sole survivor of his litter. He's the bright spot in my day with all of the cute things he does to impress me. Well, Furby here is impressed enough to give baby Midnight a job. He is now in charge of promoting Furbys Halfway House. He is also an administrator of the Facebook group page His job not only includes recruiting cats to his Facebook page, he also must keep check and invite new members to the group. He's just a baby now, but I get the feeling he's gonna be bigger than me. KEEP IN MIND MIDNIGHT, I'LL STILL BE IN CHARGE!

Midnight will also be in charge of a new line of goodies we're about to jump into to reward those who donate to Furby's Halfway House. The supporters have already paid for many improvements to the rescue, including an air conditioner and a new tile floor for the living room and about a TON of cat food. Tile for the cat play/nap room is in the works as soon as the money is there. We're looking into promotional items and maybe even some auctions of Furby merchandise. Just imagine...ME on a t-shirt!

That's it for me now. Happy catnapping everybody! May all of you be long in the catnip and short in the hairballs. Speaking of hairballs.....somebody better clean that up!!! I don't even know WHAT that is on the floor! Ya'll better clean that up before my favorite person, Cousin Barbara gets here or else!


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  1. You are a great leader Furby! Midnight sure does look up to you, he does a great job on Facebook. My kitty Ms. Phoebe and I look forward to hearing more from you on your blog- we admire your work as an advoCAT. Purrs and loves to mew and all the other kitties!