Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We're Winning The Law Against Declawing!

Hi everybody! It's Furby! I've got the greatest news EVER! We're winning the war against declawing! Those stinking rotten vets who declaw aren't gonna get away with it much longer! Look at what my Auntie Ruth put on the website. http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/pro-declaws-are-outnumbered-now.html. Um..The Declawing Veterinarians Should Be Blacklisted page on Facebook is MINE!

Look at all these sites against declawing on Facebook alone! Some of the members may belong to more than one group and some idiots think that shouldn't count. But the way I look at it is: MADE YOU LOOK! If those idiots who support maiming a cat know some people belong to more than one group, then that means THEY'RE reading about how bad declawing is. Think there's any chance it will knock some sense into their noggins?

I want to tell you something funny that happened to me. I made a PORNO video! Well,  according to those who believe in declawing, it was a dirty movie! The people who turned me in (likely declawing vets) said it was disturbing, bad content, blah blah blah. Here's the link to it in case you want to watch. I even sent it to Catster to get their opinion on it. 

Look at me everybody! This is what smart people do instead of ripping half of our toes out. See how sweet I look just sitting there and letting the pedicure thingy file my nails. I get a GOOD treat once Sissy's done with me. Yet I was turned in for this being a video with porn content! I know I'm nekked, but please don't give mama any ideas or she'll start putting clothes on me like some of those other famous cats.

Thanks again, Auntie Ruth! There are a whole lot more pain free cats out there because you got ahold of their owners with your preaching before those awful vets did. 



P.S.  Here's a few pictures of me sitting on the table where I get my claws filed. Mama sneakerdoodled me on that one. No room to escape or I'll fall off!


  1. The embed didn't work and Godfather Michael will fix it tomorrow. But here's the link to my MOO-vie. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1285358912529

  2. Fixed it, Furby. We are pleased that gradually people are realising that declawing is bad.

  3. Thanks Furby but I'm only one of thousands and millions of people who have preached about the cruelty of declawing. I know some people in your very own country who have preached for years and written letters to nasty people who declaw and got mocked for it. I know 2 ladies who have got ill because they were so sad they couldn't stop it. Your very own Godfather has done a lot to tell people how cruel it is by having pages on his PoC web site and you yourself should be proud of what you and your mum have done too.We all need to keep up our good work as we have a long way to go yet as some people still do not care how much it hurts cats. When declawing is banned we will have a worldwide party with lots of treats.Walter and Jozef say they will have some tuna and some squirty cream to celebrate.
    Love to you and your mum and sis and all your furry siblings too.
    Auntie Ruth xxx

  4. Auntie Ruth, we're really into chicken necks and turkey necks these days. Raw, please, because it cleans our teeth. Mama and Sissy like for us to have them at dinnertime so they don't get attacked by all the dinner guests. Teeheehee.

    But I still like the idea of hiding under the table at the vets office and slicing the tips of the fingers off when they try to get me out!

  5. That might be the only way we get through to those cruel vets how cats feel when their finger ends get sliced or burned off. Do as you would be done by you could say as you did the job !xx