Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Ferals and a Mouse!

I forgot to tell everybody we have another mouse! My beautiful cat mama Lola caught it and played with it awhile last night before she let it go. It's MUCH more fun to let it think it got away and then catch it and play with it again a few nights later! It was ME who told Lola where the mouse was. You see, I have that Maine Coon stare. What that means is I'm good at staring at things but dumb as dirt at catching them. Teeheehee.

Besides, there are way too many cats here to catch a mouse. They mostly just fall all over each other trying and the mouse gets away unless Lola is awake to catch it. Why, I've watched many a mouse just sit in a corner laughing at all the cats falling over each other trying to get to it. How embarrassing!

And I forgot to tell everybody we have 2 feral kittens. One of them is about as wild as I was when mama found me and took me to my forever home. Her name is Grizabella "Bella" and means beautiful gray. She's a beauty, all right. Looks just like I did when I was a baby. Mama her to get special permission to bring her home since she was captured as a feral and we're dangerous. At least that's what the shelter said. Mama rescued Bella and her brother Sweetie Pie and her sister Sugar Pie. They died of a bad temper and Bella is the only one who lived. She's the sweet one. No bad temper with her.

Excuse me, mama's talking to me....OK mama. Mama said they died of bad distemper. That's what killed my new friends a few weeks ago. Whew! That's a relief. I've been a thinking if ya have a bad temper you die...

Speaking of bad tempers, Renny the Renigade was as escapee at the shelter. Mama was supposed to rescue her when she brought home a baby kitty named Frankie. The trouble was Renny had escaped and was running around all over the shelter and no one could catch her. Someone FINALLY caught Renny and mama brought her home.

I'm in awe of Renny. She looks so sweet, doesn't she? Well let me tell you this! She can run, hiss, spit and bite all at the same time. Her nickname is Zippy and it makes me dizzy just watching her. She loves all the other little kittens, but she won't let mama and sissy near her. They can't even take her picture. Much less pick her up.

I'm glad I never was that wild. Sounds tiring and I'm a bit on the lazy side. Speaking of bit, I bit sissy Laura the first day I came home when she gave me a bath. Sorry Laura.

Can any of you tell me and mama and sissy how to make Renny a good little kitty? She's been here two months and she hasn't grown much but at least she's still alive. She comes out every night to eat and lives under the bed. She just doesn't like human critters...

Here's a few pictures of my beautiful Bella and a few of Renny. I may have to marry Bella when she gets a little older. Don't think I'll mess with Renny. Any cat that can growl, hiss, spit and bite at the same time is too much woman for me....


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  1. Furby's spelling tells me he's on the nip again. Bad kitty!