Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raw Foods Diet For Cats Is YUMMY!

Hi everybody! It's Furby! Mama's doing something so great I just had to tell everybody about it. I can't believe it! We're getting to eat raw meat and it's all for us cats! My favorite food before finding out about this was spinach pizza, but this is even better!

It all started a few weeks ago when mama joined a group called RawPaws that tells people how to feed their cats raw meat and how good it is for us. It's like-DUH....I could have told her that.

Does anybody know why we bring our favorite people "presents" without the head?It's because the brains are so yummy and so good for us. But have you ever gone into a grocery store and asked the butcher if he had any brains? NOT a good idea. Don't EVER ask that question of someone who carries around a big knife!

Mama hasn't found us any brains yet, but she has brought us home different kinds of raw meat. Mostly chicken and beef liver and turkey necks. I met a turkey once when I was a baby. He tried to chase me clean across a field. Guess I showed him if that was his neck I was gnawing on the other night. Teeheehee. Not likely, but it's a nice thought.

Mama has done a LOT of reading about how cats have a short digestive tract so raw meat usually won't make a cat sick because we poop it out so soon and anyway, we need almost all protein in our diet. She saw pictures of how clean a cat's teeth are when it uses a turkey neck as a toothbrush. Who knew!

She gave us chicken legs one night and we didn't like those very well. We LOVE the chicken gizzards and hearts. Especially my buddy Samantha. She thought she was in cat heaven when mama gave her a gizzard of her very own. One night Sissy Laura cut up some beef liver and put it in a pan and we liked that too.

Last night mama brought home some chicken backs and gizzards and hearts. She wanted more turkey necks but they cost too much where she went to get them. Guess what! The pack of chicken backs had the neck bones with it! We love our new raw meat so much we don't attack sissy and mama when they eat anymore. A lot of people don't know raw bones are ok, that it's the cooked ones that are dangerous.

I did feel so sorry for Cocoa. He's been declawed and only has one tooth. Mama thought he might like to "gum" a piece. Cocoa said no thank you and just laid on top of his piece until mama finally took it away.

And you should see little Johnny carrying around a neck that weighs as much as he does! Here's a few pictures of him chowing down on his turkey necks. He takes them in the cat carrier so it has to be cleaned out too after every meal.  Johnny is SO silly!

Most of the sites mama has read about raw meat on say to heat the meat to room temperature. She's kinda sorta scared to do that. She' afraid of something called "germs" and doesn't want it to make us sick. I'll tell ALL of you cats out there, and cat ladies too, we don't mind eating it cold. It's SO yummy.

She won't feed us ground anything. Only the whole critter piece so we have to figure out how to tear it apart and eat it. Mama says she doesn't trust what could be in anything ground up.

She posted a lot of pictures on her Facebook page of the little kitties eating their raw necks. One of her friends wrote in and asked mama if she'd killed a Chippendale. What's a Chippendale? If it's anything like a chipmunk.....I've seen a few of those little critters as a baby when I was too sick to chase them.

Anyway, I hope you like all the pictures. Just make sure you clean the counters good after a chickenfest so none of those germ critters can grow. A chickenfest is ALMOST as good as a catnip party. I may even serve some at my next catnip party!

There's also not as much poop to deal with and it's not as smelly. VERY important when you're throwing a catnip and raw meat party for all of your cat friends. If mama can't smell their poop, she'll NEVER know they were there!

Do any of my kitty friends eat raw? We still get our dry food. This is just something mama wants to do for us to make us healthier. One cat lady wrote in and said her cat had eaten raw meat for 22 years. I don't know if I can put up with mama that many years. I'll try, but it won't be easy.


P.S. Our fur is already getting softer and we have more energy. I'll let everybody know when I get supercat strength and learn how to fly


  1. Sounds like good advice. I guess you also feed some standard cat food. The raw food is for variety and health. Is that right?

  2. Its the only way to keep the cat critters off the human critters while they eat. Wish I'd thought of this sooner.