Thursday, August 18, 2011

Operation Cat Nip

Operation Cat Nip.... Oh man, mama just wrote a story and I thought it was going to be a catnip story. I was SO wrong. Here's the link everybody.

Just look at these poor kitties.....oh the poor babies....I wish I had room to bring them home and make them feel better.  I'd have my kitten greeter Garfield sleep with the kittens and I'd put cat greeter Mandy with the cats. I'd even put Jasper to work for the ones who were feeling up to playing.

These kitties are going up for adoption this month so please spread the word. There are 600 who need homes. And thank you to everybody who helped save their lives.  From the students at the University of Florida and from the University of California-Davis and did Operation Cat Nip (love the name) to all of the volunteers who came and spent their own money to help.

I'm so glad I have a good home and mama and sissy know better than to bring 700 cats to live here. What were these people thinking! Why didn't they ask for help like mama does with my roomies. People are always willing to help if you just ask for it.

I'm gonna go now.


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