Friday, August 19, 2011

Messages From The Rainbow Bridge

Hi everybody! It's Furby! Whew what a catnap I had this morning about the rainbow bridge. I just woke up from it. You know how everybody who knows about dreams says to write it down as soon as you wake up? Well, that's what I'm doing here because this one was a real doozy!
I don't know how many of you know this,  but I came back to mama after living and dying as a sick kitten named Tramp. Me and my best earth buddy Spot played for years on the bridge before God came and asked us if we wanted another chance to be with mama. I did, but Spot chose to stay on the Rainbow Bridge because he has a very special job there. He has to chase down all of the kitty cats who try to jump over the waterfall after they cross the bridge. If he doesn't catch them, they fall in the milk and honey stream and some cats don't like to get wet.  Some do, but some don't. I don't. Had enough of getting wet in both of my lives. Teeheehee.
Anyway, about the dream.  I was on the Rainbow Bridge with Spot and we were playing together just like the good old days. All of a sudden I heard it. FURBEEEE!! I looked around because I didn't THINK I knew anyone here. I was wrong. There were five healthy kittens and a BIG cat who was twice as big as me and they were running right at me. The big cat scared me because he looked JUST like me and because I knew if he didn't slow down I was gonna be really sore by the time this dream was over.
It was my kitties! The ones mama saved at the shelter and were too sick to live. I almost didn't recognize them. Lilo didn't have any gunk in her eyes anymore and Sweetie Pie looked happy and healthy. So did his sister Sugar Pie, who I kinda sorta had a crush on during the short time she was with us. Oh my goodness, how happy they all looked.  Here's their story. It's so sad....
Two of the Whineybutt kittens were there too. You can read about their story here.  Um... you'll need something for eye leakage for that one too. I recognized Romeo and Juliet because they looked the same as they did a few weeks ago except they were healthy and happy and playing. They never played at home before they came to the Rainbow Bridge. 
I told everybody on my web site how sad mama was when she couldn't save little Shakespeare. I heard her say he looked just like me or I looked just like him as a baby.  I was really upset that he wasn't with them!
It was about that time the big gray cat who looked just like me came over and sat down in front of me. He was so big and tall I had to stretch my neck back to see him. I hope I don't wake up with a crick in my neck from watching him. I sure wasn't going to take my eyes off a cat as big as this one was. He looked friendly enough. "Look at me Furby," he said. "Don't you know who I am?"
I shook my head at him that I didn't know him. I hoped he wasn't some cat I'd tangled with in a past life! "It's Shakespeare!" And then he hugged me so hard I almost peed my paws!
Shakespeare told me he was so big because God let's a Rainbow Bridge cat decide how big it wants to be. Shakespeare told God he wanted to be as big as he would have been on earth if he hadn't got sick and died. He died with mama holding him the same way I did in MY past life.
All of the other kittens are having a blast on the bridge. They tease old Spot, who now has the energy he didn't have in his past life. I've watched Spot bounce off of cat trees as tall as a castle! And now they're all up there playing.
Shakespeare is up there playing too, but he's really upset about things. He told me to tell mama not to worry about him and to thank her for being there with him at the end. He wants her to know he'll be waiting for her there one day and not to be sad about him anymore.
I told Shakespeare I'd make sure mama gets to read this story.
I had a little time left in my catnap dream, so I explored the Rainbow Kingdom for away to check out the newbies. The Catnip Castle was PACKED!  That's where I used to hang out when I first crossed over the bridge. I think that's where I picked up my love of the nip because I didn't live long enough in my first life to ever try it. They've got a LOT of new kitties signed up as members.
I had a hard time getting out of the castle because EVERYBODY knew who I was and that I write and they all wanted me to send personal messages back to earth.  So here goes....Puddin says hi and that he's sorry he kept getting into the trash.
Tiger said he looked both ways before crossing the road but the car was just going too fast. Rookie wants to tell his mom that he was sick when he was born and it's not her fault she couldn't save him.
Fluff said to tell her mom she was just old and sick and wanted to move on. Fluff wants her mom to know she remembers her mom's face as being the last she ever saw before crossing the bridge.
And Big Fluffy said to tell his mama he was sorry he got out of the box on the way home from being neutered and almost made her wreck. Wait a minute! I remember you, Big Fluffy! You were mama's cat too! Another highway hit and run. Poor guy. Only six weeks after his neutering surgery. What a tragedy! Geez, I'm so glad I live inside.
Well, that's all there is for now from the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe my best buddy Spot will come back and see me again sometime soon.  Especially since it's gonna be a LONG time before I join him again.
I gotta go now. I need to put this online so mama can find it in the morning when she gets home and not be so sad about "little" Shakespeare.

P.S. Shakespeare can't decide between angel wings and a halo. Can anybody help him decide?


  1. I was so excited I forgot to post the story links!

  2. love this story made me cry more though good to know our kitties that were ill got a great place to go.