Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kitty in the Mirror

I ust wanted to tell everybody about the beautiful kitty who lives behind the wall in my home. Mama calls it a mirror. I don't know what a mirror is, but I know this kitty is GORGEOUS! 

I first noticed him about a month after I'd moved in. It was Christmas time and mama had just made my picture with all of the Christmas toys (she calls them ornaments). I was tired of posing and decided to sneak off to the big bathroom. 

I jumped on the back of the swimming pool tub and then I saw him. He scared me so bad I almost peed my paws! He wasn't alone either. Two of his friends came with him and they looked just like he did.

We stayed on the tub playing some weird game of patty-cake. It was fun. Everything I did he did it too and so did his two friends. I figured I'd better be nice to him since he was a guest in my home. I was also outnumbered.

Mama made me go back to the living room once she found us. NO FAIR! She didn't make the other three kitties come.  They got to stay in the bathroom and play!

Then mama made some more Christmas pictures of me. I got tired after awhile and decided to jump up on the bar across from the refrigerator. There were some pretty toys up there that mama planned to use in MORE pictures and I wanted to play with them.  I think I lost about 5 lives when I jumped on the bar and my kitty friend was waiting for me there. He's found his way out of the master bath and this time he didn't have his buddies with him.

We had a wonderful time just staring at each other. I tried to get him to come out of the wall, um, mirror, and play with me. He must not have wanted to play with me because he stayed in the wall. Maybe he wanted to go back to the tub and play with the other two kitties. 

A long time went by, but I finally saw him again. He was in the bathroom wall mirror right by the sink. Maybe he was thirsty. I can't turn on the water with my paws and I didn't know what to do. Poor thirsty kitty! 

Mama came and found me soon and when she saw me looking in the mirror she just laughed at me and carried me back to the living room. WAIT MAMA! That kitty needed HELP!

It happened again last night. I was sitting in my favorite spot on the TV and looked up and there he was! My kitty friend had come back to visit and was in the ceiling mirror on top of the fan. 

I did what any good cat homeowner would do and started meowing as loud as I could at him. I was so scared he'd jump down and the fan would hurt him because it was on and spinning. I don't look at the fan too much because it makes me dizzy!

Mama and Sissy Laura were watching me meow and they just didn't understand how scared I was for my kitty in the mirror. How'd he get up there anyway? I just sat on the TV and kept my paws crossed that he wouldn't fall out of the ceiling.

After that I got down on the couch to exercise my dinner plate rights and when I was done eating I noticed he was gone. Whew! That was a close one.

Not only could my kitty in the mirror have fallen, but I'd have had to share my dinner and I was particularly greedy last night.

Do any of you have kitty cats living in your wall mirrors? Just curious. And....um.....how do you get them out. He HAS to be hungry by now!


P.S. Here's pictures in case you don't believe me......

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  1. Sorry, word 2 is "just", not "ust". My claw slipped. Not doing the nip. I've been clean for a week now. Found something MUCH better-boiled peanuts! Cats just can't have hard nuts or macedamia nuts. But boiled...YUMMY!