Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How To Photograph Your Cat Yawning

Hi everybody! It's Furby! Mama has a LOT of people ask her how she gets such goofy pictures of me in the middle of yawning. HaHa mama, I'm gonna blow your secret wide open today!
The first thing mama does is make sure I'm sleeping in a spot with good light. That's either on Sissy Laura's bed or my favorite spot on the dryer. I can look out the window on there and it makes it SO much easier to take a catnap.
And THEN it HAPPENS! Just when I get into a really great kitty dream. You cats know the kind I mean. I'm running through fields of fresh green catnip. Nothing to do and not a care in the world. I'm about to stop by the stream filled with milk and honey for a refreshing kitty drink......and then I hear it!
"FURrr-BEeee! FUR-BY! Bleeeeewwwwww. Weedle weedle woo!"
I open my eyes and there SHE is. Mama! And she's holding that stupid cellphone that takes the good pictures.
"Hey BABY!!!"
Then she snaps her fingers or rattles keys over my head. I hid her keys once and she used a pill bottle and shook it over my head. All the while making those stupid noises!
Have you seen the baby pictures of Cassie? She was our little black baby who's now our BIG black kitty. No wonder she looks terrified. No yawns, just little eyes about to pop out of her little head.
As for me, well, I yawn. I have to if I'm expected to wake up. And when mama runs around jumping and shaking stuff like she's either a witch doctor or having a seizure, I'd better wake up. And to wake up I have to yawn.
Mama know this and she stands right there in front of me after all the goofy noises have jolted me away from the river of milk and honey and into the hallway with a demented cat lady. The camera is aimed right at me. And there it will remain until I....yawn!
So you see, everybody, there's really no secret to photographing a yawning cat. Just wait for us to go to sleep and then wake us up in such a hurry it's all we can do not to pee our paws.
As soon as we start to open our mouth, TAKE THE PICTURE AND LEAVE US ALONE!
By the way, I'm sneaking on a picture of how I look when I'm NOT yawning. Also Cassie, Mandy and Annabelle. Annabelle shouldn't really count as a yawn because she was on pain killers and looked goofy even when she wasn't yawning.
For those cat mama's who choose to wake up their cats from a good snooze, remember. You gotta go to sleep sometime. And we'll be waiting.....

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