Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Government Red Tape, Brown Paper and Bubblewrap

I don't know about all of you, but I'm getting pretty tired (not to mention mad) of government red tape. Or brown paper. Or whatever you want to call it!  It's all just something to get tangled up in. Why DO they put all that brown paper in a box to mail an itty bitty present. That's not right either! Makes a cat think there's something bigger in the box than there really is! Bubble wrap isn't so great either. It scares my dog critter Dreyfuss half to death. Ever seen a 125 pound boxer bulldog cry?
Anyway, I had mama working for me tonight on my websites. Just wanna get a WEE bit more famous so more cats will show up for the next catnip party. So mama got on my site at http://furbythecat.shutterfly.com.  She got the email addresses off of her Facebook page and only used people she knew would want to know about my new sites and my quest for world cat domination.  When she got to invite #247 the site CUT HER OFF! Nobody cuts off my mama!  She looked it up and found out there's a daily limit on the amount of people she can tell about my site each day. I'll NEVER be famous at that rate! GEEZ, what does a cat have to do to get respect? But you can all go to shutterfly and ask to be a friend and I'll OK everybody. Why should it matter to them how many people she invites? They're making money when my friends see how great this free site is. And it's easy to do or mama couldn't do it.  That's just like the stupid puter's that run Facebook. I don't know if Facebook has realized it, but it's being used by more cats and dogs than people!
I want all the friends I can get. I'm gonna need them if mama ever finds out all I do at home while she's at work. If these female cats don't quit leaving their diamond studded collars laying around for her to find-well-I just don't know what will happen.
Shutterfly sure sound's a LOT like the people at Facebook. She tried to get onto one of her Facebook sites and it said she was using a different puter and needed to identify 5 photos out of the 2000 friends she has on that page. I don't know if you've met my mama or not, but she's not the brightest bulb in the lamp. She's half blind and half deaf and this year officially became an antique. PLEASE don't tell her I said that!  So she failed the test and is now a Facebook reject. It was on the dog critter friend site, but it still upset her because she likes dog critters too.  One of mama's friends even had her account DELETED!
Would you please tell everybody about my new diary site. I'm gonna try and write every day. I may have to do it while mama's at work so she won't see what I'm writing.  Here's the link. http://the-diary-of-a-cat.pictures-of-cats.org/2011/08/cat-world-domination-is-within-reach_08.html
If you ask me, it's all a conspiracy!  Cats RULE the world now. There are just a few people out there not smart enough to have figured that out yet.
Guess they got strangled by red tape and their brains ain't a workin right.
Have any of you ever been tangled up in red tape online? You can tell little ole Furby about it. I can keep a secret. Teeheehee….
Oh-and dog critters, I LOVE you too!! We'll have a MilkBone party for you guys once I'm famous!
P.S. Those are baby pictures of me but for some reason I can't look mean anymore. Only stupid. LOTS of stupid faces with me around….and these prove my point.


  1. Your not stupid looking ,,your cute ,,love ya

  2. You are famous but I know you want to be more famous. You will be but it takes time and there are a few Furbys out there on the internet....Michael

  3. But there's only ONE Furby the Feral Feline! Mama says the world could take two of us! Teeheehee... Now I'm glad mama gave me such a long name because I've been Googled and I've been Yahoo!'d. I've even been AOL'd. If my name were a rap sheet I'd be in jail for life!

    Oh wow! Look how many times my name is on there! This may call for a catnip party!